A warm greeting, or why I decided to create a blog

14 Sep

We’re in the 21st century. We’re the sometimes called Digital Age, the Digital Revolution, the Third Industrial Revolution (according to Wikipedia, of course), etc., etc. So it’s to be expected that we just entered into a century in where many things are being replaced by new stuff or transported to new vehicles, mostly to computers and all this tricky technology that one day can suddenly break itself and destroy all your documents and precious photos (don’t ask; it was an awful Wednesday…). From typewriters, we moved to a printer. From the VHS cassettes, we suddenly arrived to blue-rays. From CD Players, we traveled to the MP3s. From this, we arrived to that. And so on and so on.


In his time, telephones were also weapons!

Nothing, in my opinion, ever “dies” or vanishes in this world: it just merely advances to a new face, one that fits in this new century and the new needs. It’s like Pokemon (say hi to a Pokemon fan, by the way), but instead of three phase evolutions, we can go beyond millions of evolutions. And all because we need to get stronger and move to the closest gym. And all so we can become Pokemon Masters and reach some kind of high plane of existence once this goal is accomplished. We’re always on a journey. And we will never stop, if my calculations are correct and the anime keeps going.


You could say we’re on the Charmeleon phase of the world, but the current events hint we’re close to become a Charizard…

Now, you may wonder why I am rambling so much–why lots of yadda yadda and no cute kittens so far (because let’s face it: internet is nothing without kitten gifs. It is like some sort of law…)–and why I still haven’t explained more about this blog. Well, I thought it would be nice to simply explain a bit more the context of these decades before moving on. You see, I always wanted to express my ideas somewhere, somehow, sometime, but since I couldn’t find a proper way in the world of paper, I decided to move on to the newest, easiest and most innovative (in my opinion, of course; some people may think otherwise) way of info-sharing and expression of this century: blogs. Specially because I find it as the same thing as newspapers and essay books like Montaigne’s Essays, but simply inside computers and through sites that can be visited by everybody. It’s the same thing, but with different vehicle. Both the VHS cassette and the Blu-Ray have the same end: to project movies anywhere they’re taken to. And thus the essay books, newspaper columns and the blog are the same in terms of goal, just different in way of reaching it. All of them are the same person, just driving a different car.


And with this kitten, I officially belong to the internet now. Hooray!

I want to post about what’s going on in the world and immortalize these pieces of the 21st century in this blog. Not exactly in a news format–I don’t want to utilize this blog as a news page as I am no professional journalist and it’s not entirely my goal to inform people of what’s going on–, but more of discussion. We discuss, we understand, we get conclusions, we get something for our life… All of that. And since I couldn’t find a proper way to express myself, I decided to join forces with my enemy-lover, the internet, and start a blog to experience a taste of this century, as I find blogging as perhaps one of its landmarks in info-sharing. It has become the adventure journal from the past centuries, and I want to experience it before the new era comes and takes it away.

As I would deal with many current things in the world, you could say this is a political blog. But in that case, let me add quickly a “Whoa, no, no, hold your horses” before I invite you to sit down and sip some coffee to clear the doubts. Y’see, I don’t want to restrain a blog to a simple theme when many things around the world deserve to be discussed and given an opinion.


Let’s sit and have some coffee, shall we?

I can’t choose a simple topic to make a blog. I like everything: video games, movies, TV shows, literature (I LOVE READING)… So I decided to make a blog about everything that’s going on, but with the goal of not simply giving an opinion and give my five cents to the world, but to create a conclusion. And that’s why I decided to create a blog: to semi-kinda-rant, to post curiosities from this life, and to kinda immortalize the 2000s in this blog so, in the future, we all can look back and wonder several whys which might have been resolved so far or not.

I actually decided to finally make the blog after several events in Mexico, my home country, that made me want to scream loud and express my indignation after several violent riots. I will write an entry about it later (damn ye, duties!), because it’s one of the things I want to give an opinion about and get the world to know. That’s why I am also writing in English (my second language): I want people from around the world to know the situation in here, to share their views and see if my views can also help a bit. This is, you could say, an open diary for everybody who’s livin’ la vida loca in this 21st century. Any topic is welcome. Any intention of expressing an opinion for sake of helping each other think and grow is welcome. So this blog welcomes everybody, and I hope everybody can welcome my blog and opinion.


My hat’s off to you, O Reader~!

Thanks a bunch for reading and I hope this blog can be useful!

*None of the images belong to me. They were found on the internet*

*Updated in September 16th due to image issues*


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  1. Johnb245 May 19, 2014 at 11:58 pm #

    As a Newbie, I am continuously searching online for articles that can aid me. Thank you ebfgegcgdgfa


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