Have you heard of Alberto Patishtán?

22 Sep

Blame my weak childhood memory from the beginning of this 2000s, but you could say that we began this century with not a huge knowledge or interest in the struggle of several political prisoners around the world, perhaps due to many distractions. And in the beginning of this new 10s, mostly due to the expansion of info-sharing and (in my opinion) due to Chelsea Manning’s case, we’re finally closer to the fights of the freedom of other people who also got unjustly behind the bars. It wasn’t until recently when I discovered about Mumia Abu Jamal’s case, for example, and his interesting little articles written from prison. And there are many who got behind bars just because they weren’t of the like of the governments. But I would like to mention one in particular who recently got a brief spotlight in Mexico, as they just reopened his case with hopes of finally clearing his name after thousands of proofs of his innocence.

His name is Alberto Patishtán.


A tzotzil teacher who wasn’t even in the wrong place or in the wrong time when a crime in his town happened. He was, actually, in his respective place in his respective time. Thing is, they didn’t care.

You can read an article of his whole case in here: http://upsidedownworld.org/main/news-briefs-archives-68/4231-the-case-of-alberto-patishtan-gomez-and-the-culpability-of-the-mexican-state-we-are-governed-by-injustice.

But just to resume the whole story… One guy got shot in the south of the country, and the sole survivor of the whole ordeal pointed Patishtán as the responsible one out of pressure. And Patishtán got jailed without a warrant, without a lawyer and without a translator, despite the huge amount of witnesses and proof that he was in his school while the whole crime happened. The teacher received a maximum of 60 years as a punishment and, according to this, was severely tortured in the prison and neglected when his health deteriorated—and which keeps deteriorating—and needed a surgery.

The proof and the witnesses indicate he’s innocent, and that he’s kept in there for not being precisely the government’s favourite person in the world. Amnesty International has pointed out the serious flaws in his trial and many social movements claim for his freedom, as… Well, frankly, he’s not the sole case of unfair treatment and imprisoning. But it’s enough that, in the world, we don’t have lots of justice towards minorities, rural people, etc., and even worse when the very prisoner’s having health issues that needs to be treated. Issues neglected by the authorities who couldn’t care about this man.

And as I said, his case was reopened recently to check the new proof and give a new verdict. As you can guess, the authorities said “There’s not enough proof”. And he’s still jailed, mistreated and forgotten by the people who should be the first ones to remember him. And just to add some salt and lemon to the wound, around the same time, they released in another state a drug lord from the north, who was a proven killer, by the same sentence: “There’s not enough proof”. And days later, everybody said immediately that was the worst decision. Ever. This irony’s so awful, it’s not even funny.

I am sharing this story to the world, so everybody can pressure the authorities, reopen once more the case, accept the evidence of his innocence, and finally make real justice towards this man. I will thank you if you can read his case, share and sign to help this man gain freedom, specially because his health’s not the best nowdays, as he has spent so far 13 years in prison in not the very best conditions of all.

We’re living a massive awakening in this century. Let’s wake up everybody so the unfairness can disappear once for all.


To read the English documents referring to Patishtán’s case, click on the image and check them out.


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