Patishtán: Free Man

2 Nov

This will be a short and fast post, just wanting to comment that Alberto Patishtán, of whom I spoke once in the past, is now free! This is due to a bill that broadens pardons when the trials contain evidence of human rights violations, and although I am a bit suspicious of this bill (let’s face it: now they’re finally freeing a man after above a decade of protests?; obviously, this bill will be for something else too), I am just glad this finally returned the freedom of an innocent civilian like Patishtán. Perhaps the sole disgusting fact of this news is how they keep using this sentence: they “pardoned” Patishtán. Why can’t they use, just once in their life, the sentence “We’re sorry, Patishtán”? It’s not him who should apologize: it’s them. This is some serious case of totalitarian vocabulary and linguistics…but I might speak of this in another post, so let’s not digress. Specially because I think we seriously needed some good news–some hope that humanity’s not lost–and this raised the spirits of many people who fought for Patishtán.

I would like to also comment how we’re starting this new 10s decade in this Two Thousands with this glimmer of hope. Not only finally people are awakening and fighting back against oppression and unfairness, but the governments–the ones ran by the dehumanized people–are also feeling the pressure from the public. They can’t fight with the same might from before. And I have faith that this is the signal that other political prisoners, like Mumia Abu Jamal and Chelsea Manning, might receive pardons and be freed in some time. But this will only happen when we add more pressure to the governments via signs, protests and alternative media.

I have faith this will be the first of many good news to come if the struggle keeps going.


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