If you don’t read this post, you’re a bad person

1 Dec

Before I start, I would like to welcome you to check the Spanish version of this article in my new blog, in where I will post my original work before moving it to here. Why? Well, it’s easier to post in your native language, and I want to communicate in both worlds.

Anyways, onto the fast-opinion-post…

One of my favourite phrases is “the world doesn’t need charity, it needs justice”. Many times I did look for the author of this quote, yet always getting different results everytime; once I got a woman, another time I got a man. And I was all this way, looking for nothing, without complaining at all, as I reached the conclusion that the author isn’t that important, but the quote itself. Of course, we need to know who said it just to get a bit more the context, but I believe this phrase is so powerful by its own that it doesn’t have any hidden background. I was, actually, this close of starting a little war with me debating on who said it and that’s a bit against my own philosophy: I am ok with everything, as long as it helps the world.

First of all, let me share you a little personal thought: I am a bit Machiavellian. But oh no, no, I don’t believe that the end can be justified by all the means. Oh no, I am a firm believer that, sometimes, the very same mean can destroy the end itself, and that’s why we must be careful with our own choices. I don’t know how it is with the people, but I am, frankly, alright with everything, just if it is good for both parts, the maker and the receiver, and both agree with said action and aware of all of its dimensions. Maybe I am wrong, but I assure you that this thought was born from the feeling of not wanting to get in trouble with anybody and wanting to be an open minded person who wants to cooperate in harmonizing the world.

Ohai there. Justifying the end by the means, are you?

And that’s why I tend to get frustrated with people who isn’t clear or who manipulates language with lots of rhetoric and use of emotions. Well, to be honest, it frightens me when they don’t even use emoticons in their mails as I have problems reading intentions and between lines. It’s paranoia mostly, but I do thank people when they’re clear and emoticon-ish in their messages, as I only understand everything this way and I feel they’re not hiding anything. Even inside indirect remarks there can be clarity, actually!

And this is why I have a problem with the Mexican telethon event.

For my English-speaking readers, let me summarize it: the Mexican annual telethon, appropriately called “Teletón”, has been object of considerable backslash on the Mexican internet public for a good while, as it has been said and deduced that the whole event, done by our most powerful TV Network, it’s a huge hoax to steal money from donors to evade taxes and enrich themselves via emotional manipulation with the handicapped children, as they’re the targets of all the money with the creation of several rehab centers around the country. Naturally, those people have been criticized and demonized in the media, and have used the arguments that they don’t want to help the children. You know, the usual media attack tactic and stuff…

I couldn’t find lots of English sites to sum you up the whole story, but I hope that the ones I did find with can at least illustrate the background of the TV Network that got some dark secrets behind.

It has been said that the telethon is just a way to evade taxes, considering the huge market brought by this TV Network who patronizes it and the huge donations done by the corporations who publicize their products inside the event, giving to the network enough money—getting up to three times the money got in the very same donations—to open the CRITS (these are the rehabilitation centers for the children, by the way), so most of the donations are unnecessary as they would already have the money for all the costs. Yet, they still want more

I won’t delve too mucho into the subject, though. I bet that, because these telethons are common around the world, people already have some knowledge of them. I do personally believe that there’s a dirty hand behind these acts, especially if we consider the background and low quality programming that this network offers to the Mexican audience. Yet, I would like to simply ask this question which can be applied not only to this case, but to many:


Why are there people who can’t feel anything towards others? Is money this important like to make shows out of handicapped children? Why, people? Why?

As I said in the beginning, the world needs justice, not charity. These telethons shouldn’t exist, and I don’t say it because I am a horrible monster who believes that poor children must be left in the street, but because this is something the government should fix. Why, if our taxes are supposed to create these rehabilitation centers in first place, without the need of more charity done via TV! I actually believe that, when these kind of events are common in a certain place, it’s a sign that something’s quite smelly around here; so smelly that it makes the government need charity to save these children instead of itself. And that’s if the money reaches these rehab centers in first place.

Cruella de Vil

This is a photo of me with a coat made of dead puppies. Fear me.

Children aren’t tools. And these kids with needs are exploited to end these means. And they know you can’t say no: they know how to exploit the guilty side of people. And ass I said, it bothers me how these people manipulate us via this kind of language: emotional, Maury-circus-like use of language. In these telethons, they bring handicapped children to move hearts and make an emotional blackmail. “You’ll be a terrible person if you don’t donate to this hurtful child!” And then the piano starts playing.

Kawai grand piano, ebony polish

I hate it when they blackmail me with the piano: I love so much the piano…

I want to confess you that, as a child, I was a submissive, gullible and manipulated child. It was quite easy to convince me: I rarely said no, or never thought on the consequences. And believe me: it’s awful when you realize the lies they put you through. And now that I am an adult, I am a rather cold person: I want to be careful to not fall again on the lies. And that’s why it offends me that they’re trying to offend my intelligence by manipulating my feelings with these children, and they dare to repeat this every year, insinuating that I shall be an awful person if I don’t donate. It really surprises me that people can steal and yet have the guts to accuse people.

If people want to help, I say they can do it by demanding a better health care for everybody and support for these children. And I don’t say it just because it is their actual duty: it’s a matter of logic. Why, our money goes there, with the taxes! Our donation was already given, dammit!

But as I said, it weighs me even more to wonder why are there people who let this happen… Why can’t they think in these children? Why? Have we fallen so low already? Why do they greed for yachts, limousines, jewels…? Why can’t they see that money won’t last?

But oh well, I didn’t start this fast post just to complain about the Telethon, but to register this example of dehumanization of this 2000s which we’re living right now, sadly. I planned to write about Turkey Day (I, by the way, love how in Mexico we call it Turkey Day instead of Thanksgiving Day! We’re just there for the turkey… Now this is sincerity, people!), but people have done it already, and even better than I, and I decided to post on this little issue that’s mostly spoken in the Mexican social networks, mostly to post about this question of why. I just want to know at what extreme have we reached…


Hush, turkey! We’ll eat you, no matter what you say!

But of course, any opinion, expansion, correction, etcetera is more than welcome. Just remember this: I don’t mean any harm with this opinion. I want the best for these children. I wish they all could receive the help they need (because not most of them receive in the end help in the CRITS and many are rejected due to thousands of reasons), but I feel that charity is not enough: they need support from the government, that’s what the taxes are for! I am more afraid that I sounded like the after-mentioned Cruella DeVil when I just tried to express my concern that these telethons aren’t the most trustworthy things and that they actually steal what should be for the children, at least in the Mexican case. I’ve seen that these events are not always used for the people, so I want to raise a warning sign should they reveal completely that this was used for selfish ends. What do I win by staining these events? What would I do with the money I receive from the “evil opponents” of these practices?


…Well, many things, like getting myself a new PlayStation 4, but again: I wouldn’t need it when the PlayStation 5 comes out, so…

And as I like to say, who am I to know the truth? If I knew it, I would be already in somewhere else. And I want to help expand horizons so we can reach the truth. If I possess an incorrect bit, you’re free to tell me. I just want to avoid the use of silence to cover these acts of selfishness. Because I worry a lot for these children who are used as dehumanized tools.

Thanks a bunch for passing by!

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  1. Claire Marie O'Brien December 2, 2013 at 1:19 pm #

    !JaJaJa! Me gusta usted. Lo Siento por mi Espanol


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