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Nobody expects the Mexican Auto Defensas!

18 Jan

I planned to write all of this in Día de la Revolución in México, but the recent events have forced me to write a bit earlier and point out the irony and my sarcastic remark on this beautiful morning filled with sweat and blood. What are these incidents I talk about, you say? Well, more than incidents, there’s a name that you might want to remember.

The Auto Defensas from Michoacán.

Los grupos de autodefensa en Michoacán se formaron en la primera mitad de 2013 para hacer frente al crimen organizado (Cuartoscuro/Archivo).

“Auto Defensas” are Spanish for “Self Defense (Men)”, so go figure what it means. Mexicans have an idea of what I mean. For all those who don’t what’s going on, here’s the summary: the Michoacán civilians, tired of the abuses committed by drug dealers in town, and tired of being ignored by the local government, finally said enough and stood up to defend themselves with weapons against the local bullies. So far I’ve heard and read about, these folks tolerated abuses, threats, etcetera; even the soldiers were intimidated by this group of criminals, yet everything finally hit the boiling point when they started abusing the women. This made them doubt no longer and raise their guns against the problems.

Sometime, Dalí said this about Mexico: “I won’t return to a country far more surrealistic than my own paintings”. And I finally understand, at 100% what did he mean by that: we’re a mindscrewing country here. Y’see, instead of receiving some back up from the soldiers themselves or the police, these two groups went to actually disarm the Auto Defensas, allegedly due to their danger! I won’t dive into an analysis that discusses how our government is run by shadowy figures, because it is a complex topic and because, well, I don’t want to get into trouble with certain figures; at the same time, it has always been known in here that our politicians are A-Corrupt and many charts have shown it. What I want to clear with Dalí’s quote is…well, this was expected to happen. Seriously.

I remember when I saw Dalí’s ship coming to visit Mexico…just after last Thursday’s shooting. Yeah, good times, good times…

The police institution was born to serve and protect the people, financed by the government and with the sole objective of preserving the social harmony. Basically, and feeling a bit inspired by the Mayan philosophy I’ve been studying for a good while, the police is a materialization of the soul of the human instinct of preservation. So, naturally, if this doesn’t work… Well, how would you trust your security to a bunch of characters that give a damn about you? Naturally, the soul will find another way to materialize and give society the security it needs considering the last one didn’t work. And the Auto Defensas appeared in this ambient of struggle and need of order.

As expected, though, the presence of these angry men, gradually stealing the land of the drug dealers, implies this: the government is deeply flawed. Besides, this apparition just means one thing: a potential civil war in Michoacán. And what does it mean if we agglutinate all of this together? The birth of a group of rebels, potential rivals of the government’s power. And were you to be, O my Readers, a corrupt government who doesn’t want to lose its power, what would you do…?

Everything, of course!

Abridged version of the Auto Defensas. Everything’s better with comics and puppies.

They’re trying to disarm them, they’re sending soldiers to “quiet them down” (and with that, I mean shooting them), the media’s already covering negative notes about them, filled with edited videos, lies… Anything. For example, there are messages from the moral leader of the Auto Defensas, José Manuel Mireles, in which he denies the idea of letting themselves become disarmed by the government, but, as it is to be expected, they’re now trying to discredit and criminalize them. They don’t have enough with snatching away their weapons: they want to throw dirt at them. Mind you, these TV networks will never mention how the Auto Defensas are returning the stolen land to their rightful owners, and that there are witnesses that claim that they’re actual nice guys trying to protect themselves (and which also mention from where they get their money: from the landowners whose land was stolen by the criminals and who wants what’s theirs back).

These events in Mexico are just the results of an exam which reveal to the public in what side the media is right now. It’s not even the fact that they have solid arguments that argues about the negative impact of the Auto Defensas; dammit, it’s not even the fact that they’re saying “These guys are eeeeevil, don’t listen to what they’re saying, guys”. The point in here is that the media is actually editing a video and outright lying to fool the whole nation. The sole fact that they twists the truth gives away the warning that the media’s not to listen to this time.

Let’s put an example, with the marijuana legalization. Pete’s a guy who’s against the marijuana, as he believes it is a dangerous herb and chemotherapy is the sole way to go with cancer; independently of his education and actual knowledge of the facts about marijuana, he thinks this way because he’s sincerely convinced of it. He doesn’t want to lie: he just repeats the speech he has learned and which convinced him; he tries to convince the other people as he believes it is the best way to go. His motivation is, then, the well-being of people, even though one might not appreciate it because of his harsh attitude.

I bet nobody expected the marijuana in this post, hm?

But then, we have Charlie. He knows what’s the real deal about marijuana; he’s fully aware of what it can do, and the danger it represents to the pharmaceutical industry. So he outright lies and twists the information to guide the public’s opinion for his own well-being. He’s not even trying to protect the pharmaceutical co-workers: he just wants the money, at the expense of the health of billions of people. His motivation is, then, his own satisfaction.

Now, if you were to ask me, I would choose Pete, as he, at least, is frankly unaware of what’s going on, yet he can be educated and, with his well-intentioned orientation, can be of help to society. On the other hand, Charlie do knows about this. And gives a damn.

The media, in here, is the Charlie of the situation.

(This is a video in Spanish covering the Televisa editing and faslification of the actual commentaries done by Dr. Mireles; I couldn’t find an English coverage of the incident, sadly; but take this video as an existing example).

They’re not even giving their own opinion. They’re not even giving away the real potential negative impact of the Auto Defensas. No, no, they’re not giving an opinion. They’re twisting a fact and presenting it as a truth. They’re not even misinformed or innocent cherubs: they’re aware of what’s going on. And are throwing at them the dirt. Why? To control the public opinion.

I can just say this: how is it possible that these people, all the Mexican elite, did not actually expect this to happen? How…seriously…how do they dare to think that all of us, the Mexicans, are bootlickers? We’re intimidated and stiff the majority, yes, but there are people whose limit is shorter than ours. And they shall go to the limit to defend themselves once they can’t take it any longer. That’s why I am not surprised of the apparition of the EZLN in the south (how could nobody expect it, if the peasants are constantly tortured over there! And let’s not even talk about the women’s situation…), and I am even less surprised with the appearance of these self-proclaimed Auto Defensas, which are claiming for a revolution and are slowly conquering more and more towns in the state of Michoacán.

I think you can compare a bit this situation with the recent gun policy discussion in the United States, especially after the recent shootings in several schools and cinemas over there. I, let me tell you, once thought, in my blissful younger years, that the world would be a better place if they banned the weapons in the United States so the massive school shootings could be avoided, as I always thought they were the source of violence… Then I realized that the weapons did not decided to walk out from home and told themselves “Oh golly, I will go murder some kids next street”. No, no, that’s the people. The crazy, uneducated, deranged people… Weapons aren’t murderers, but their users. And thus, I realized this: if the people were educated, these massacres would have been avoided. A population that didn’t deliver itself to insanity, to a rotten culture, that didn’t know the actual value of self-defense, educated enough to despise violence… Now, that would avoid massacres. I won’t preach about my opinion towards the gun policies in the United States, yet I will repeat what I always say about the world: the problem of this planet is not humanity, but the lack of humanity and humanism. Its absence is the massacre’s provoker.

The Auto Defensas wouldn’t have appeared if the Mexican population was educated, lacking crisis, in good financial shape… Basically, in a good humanitarian state and lacking the needs. But we’re not even close to that state. We’re in a context ruled by murderers, criminals, illiterate people who enjoy themselves with stupid TV shows given by the huge media networks. How did we really not expect the Auto Defensas?

Surely, some of you will remember that, at the beginning of this post, I mentioned the Mexican Revolution. Well, yeah, because the irony lies in there: every year, we celebrate a festivity dedicated to the rebels who fought for their lands at the beginning of the XIX century… Now that the story’s repeating itself, the media’s condemning these guys! It is no longer a mystery that the revolution has become a synonym of “autumn Mexicanized festivity”, no longer a more serious and delicate concept.

Honda Rebel 250 c.c. - Arboledas

Indeed, it now only makes sense as a brand of motorbikes.

Days ago, in a page I tend to read, they published a boy’s message, one of the Auto Defensas’ son, which relates the terrible reality and abuses they have endured at the hands of these drug dealers for a long time, and the reason they finally decided to stand up for themselves; what really hit me mostly was the way he begged to the administrator this: “Please, don’t ask ‘what’s your opinion on this’!”, because this was no matter of an opinion: it was a plea, seeking help. And, certainly, it is hard to treat this matter so lightly, especially because… Well, what opinion can you hold in this situation? Is the Auto Defensas’ position the correct one? Or is it wrong…? If so, why is it wrong? What makes this situation different to that one of the Mexican Revolution, or the Independence War of the United States, even though their contexts were a bit more different…? What can we say of this situation, clear as water and illuminating who’s who in here?

I’ve been told by lots of people this phrase: “The real change comes from oneself”…but now I believe that they don’t even think how this change works. They just think it’s just a matter of waking up one day and saying “Ah, I won’t become a corrupt person today, now I will go to work and I will be a good person, and that will change the world!”…and that’s all. And, as a teacher of mine said, when somebody makes these remarks, one should ask them this: then what? Seriously: what? Alright, let’s say I am a brand new person as you say, but what now? What do I do? Do I let the soldiers touch and abuse me, as they’ve abused the indigenous women in Chiapas? Let me confess you this is not one of my favourite phrases in the whole world.

Things are heating up in Michoacán as I write this. I don’t live in the south of the country, but I do know things over there are worse from where I am. And all’s due to this dehumanized and manipulated century.

Thanks a bunch for reading!

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All for one and one for all!

15 Jan


Photo Credit: Tina Graves on Facebook

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14 Jan

Interesting review!

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Beginning in 1986, says Bramhall, “for some unknown reason, some faceless higher-up in one of the eleven federal agencies that spy on American citizens decided I posed a threat to national security,” and from then on she was subjected to phone harassment, wiretaps, break-ins, and even attempts on her life. Since she was never able to prove any of this (and how does one prove it?)…

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Welcome, 2014

4 Jan

Whoa! Look at this! New Year already…? Who would’ve thought… Well, in this quick post, I would like to wish you all, my readers, a nice farewell of the 2013 and a flawless beginning of the 2014. Can’t say Mexico had one precisely (with the privatization of our oil and the raise of the taxes in the frontier cities and whatnot…), especially because it has gone from bad to worse. They’ve sold a national landmark to the president’s uncle, they’ve arrested a girl after she survived an attack (by the way, if you’re still interested in sending a support message to Yakirí, the campaign to keep sending her messages will keep itself open for a little longer; here’s the e-mail address you can send your works to:, they’re giving junk food to hungry poor children in the rural areas, a governor is wasting the money of his state—the poorest state of the whole damn country—in his own image… Well, the 2013 sure was disheartening. Sad. Depressing. And what’s in store for us in this 2014… One’s not even on the mood to look through the window due to the fear of the sun colliding against us. It’s discouraging for my frontier, for my country, for my planet, with wars like Syria, conflicts in Sudan, bombings in Russia… My brothers are murdering each other, and I am still wondering why. I seriously ask myself how it is possible we ended up in this situation… Why are there persons who complicate their own life, if they should be grateful they have a roof, a bed, and food? What else do you want? What do you get with more land, more money…? What do you want?


But overall, and despite all of the above, I would like to mention that the 2013 did see some shades of light with events as Edward Snowden’s leaks about the espionage programs. He, himself, has said that it is barely the 1% of what he has in hands, and the best is yet to come, and this humble server of yours got the little speck of faith that these revelations will pressure so badly the governments that they will, at last, be forced to accept the consequences of their crimes and heal the wounds they inflicted upon the world.

At the same time, here, in the frontier, there’s a little wave of civil disobedience who will not pay the new tax raise, whose sole purpose is just to enrich the corrupt politicians. This is, for me, quite encouraging, at the minimum. It means that not everybody has fallen victim of idleness and the “the damn I care” attitude.

And, of course: we didn’t fall into a World War Three thanks to Putin’s intervention and advice for Syria to give their chemical weapons! And Iran and the USA have started peaceful talks! How couldn’t we kneel and thank our surroundings that we saved our sorry butts in the last second! They will still, of course, still find a way to transform the planet into a huge chess board, but I am sure we will save ourselves if we walk in the tip of our toes.

In this post, I just want to resume my opinion of the 2013: it was harsh, yet we’re still strong. This year, personally, was filled with personal tragedies and events that tore me apart for a second, yet I remain optimistic for the 2014. Despite the awful news we received in the 2013, these positive points I wrote, personally, encourage me a bit. Why? Because they’re sign that we can trip, but seize at the last moment to a branch nearby and save our backs from the impact. 2013 was the year that saw the birth of a little ray of light breaking through the cracks, almost as foreseen by the Mayans themselves.

What about you, Reader? What does this year expect us? How would you resume the 2013…?

I pray that this year will bring something better for all of us.

Thanks a bunch for reading me!

 Happy New Year 2014