Welcome, 2014

4 Jan

Whoa! Look at this! New Year already…? Who would’ve thought… Well, in this quick post, I would like to wish you all, my readers, a nice farewell of the 2013 and a flawless beginning of the 2014. Can’t say Mexico had one precisely (with the privatization of our oil and the raise of the taxes in the frontier cities and whatnot…), especially because it has gone from bad to worse. They’ve sold a national landmark to the president’s uncle, they’ve arrested a girl after she survived an attack (by the way, if you’re still interested in sending a support message to Yakirí, the campaign to keep sending her messages will keep itself open for a little longer; here’s the e-mail address you can send your works to: cartasparayaki@gmail.com), they’re giving junk food to hungry poor children in the rural areas, a governor is wasting the money of his state—the poorest state of the whole damn country—in his own image… Well, the 2013 sure was disheartening. Sad. Depressing. And what’s in store for us in this 2014… One’s not even on the mood to look through the window due to the fear of the sun colliding against us. It’s discouraging for my frontier, for my country, for my planet, with wars like Syria, conflicts in Sudan, bombings in Russia… My brothers are murdering each other, and I am still wondering why. I seriously ask myself how it is possible we ended up in this situation… Why are there persons who complicate their own life, if they should be grateful they have a roof, a bed, and food? What else do you want? What do you get with more land, more money…? What do you want?


But overall, and despite all of the above, I would like to mention that the 2013 did see some shades of light with events as Edward Snowden’s leaks about the espionage programs. He, himself, has said that it is barely the 1% of what he has in hands, and the best is yet to come, and this humble server of yours got the little speck of faith that these revelations will pressure so badly the governments that they will, at last, be forced to accept the consequences of their crimes and heal the wounds they inflicted upon the world.

At the same time, here, in the frontier, there’s a little wave of civil disobedience who will not pay the new tax raise, whose sole purpose is just to enrich the corrupt politicians. This is, for me, quite encouraging, at the minimum. It means that not everybody has fallen victim of idleness and the “the damn I care” attitude.

And, of course: we didn’t fall into a World War Three thanks to Putin’s intervention and advice for Syria to give their chemical weapons! And Iran and the USA have started peaceful talks! How couldn’t we kneel and thank our surroundings that we saved our sorry butts in the last second! They will still, of course, still find a way to transform the planet into a huge chess board, but I am sure we will save ourselves if we walk in the tip of our toes.

In this post, I just want to resume my opinion of the 2013: it was harsh, yet we’re still strong. This year, personally, was filled with personal tragedies and events that tore me apart for a second, yet I remain optimistic for the 2014. Despite the awful news we received in the 2013, these positive points I wrote, personally, encourage me a bit. Why? Because they’re sign that we can trip, but seize at the last moment to a branch nearby and save our backs from the impact. 2013 was the year that saw the birth of a little ray of light breaking through the cracks, almost as foreseen by the Mayans themselves.

What about you, Reader? What does this year expect us? How would you resume the 2013…?

I pray that this year will bring something better for all of us.

Thanks a bunch for reading me!

 Happy New Year 2014



3 Responses to “Welcome, 2014”

  1. Jeff Nguyen January 4, 2014 at 3:15 am #

    Best to you in the new year. Glad to have found your blog.

    • krikli01 January 4, 2014 at 3:42 am #

      I say the same! I am so lucky to have discovered your blog too! Hope this year is filled with nice surprises for you! :3


  1. Bienvenido, 2014 | Los Segundos Milenarios - January 4, 2014


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