Practical Nahua Philosophy

2 Feb

I always loved the Mesoamerican philosophies and sciences, so here I am sharing a nice post about them!

The Complete MesoAmerica... and more

Being a student of Philosophy myself, I have no doubt whatsoever, that philosophy has been around in any time or area of mankind. And so it was in MesoAmerica. Unlike the Philosophy how we understand it nowadays, Philosophy in MesoAmerica was mainly a practical way of living on this earth.

I was intrigued by the fascinating ideas of Nahua Philosophy, that was spread far by the Aztec Empire, formed by Tlacaelel – and I want to cover a very short overview of it in today’s post.

Philosophy in the Aztec empire, that was established until the Conquista, was very practically orientated. The people asked for pragmatic answers, which help them to live their lifes in balance. I already pointed this out in our Codex-Day article about Medicine. The need for that balance was often symbolized by polar opposites like day/night, black/white, and so on. However, we have to understand…

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