Waitangi Day

7 Feb

Interesting read about the Maoris in New Zealand.


Much the same as has happened to indigenous people elsewhere, The Maori experienced unfairness in their coexistance with European explorers, missionaries, and settlers. The Maori chiefs rightfully were afraid of their territory being taken over by a European nation.  They wanted an end to the disrespect and lawlessness of the British who had arrived in their country, present day New Zealand.

Meantime, as the British presence became more widespread on the two islands, Britain worked up a formal agreement with the Maori to express the aims of the British and to agree over treatment of the people and land of the territories. The document was drafted in English, then translated into Maori.

The Treaty of Waitangi was signed by 43 Northland Chiefs at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands, on February 6, 1840.  During the following eight months, the treaty was brought around to the various parts of the islands so…

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