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The Zombification of the West

17 Mar

An interesting article of the lack of soul in the society today.

The Zombification of the West.


A Free Yakirí

5 Mar

Whoa, it sure smells some corpses in here. No doubt I haven’t been on here after many months due to my school and my jobs everywhere… Anyways, this will be a fast post, just to inform about certain intriguing posts I’ve found in the internet, which speak about Yakirí Rubio’s freedom coming soon. Supposedly, that day would be today, but according to this, the whole process is slow and, so far, there are no more news around.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to visit my post about her case and browse about this situation and my opinion about it. Anyways, so far I’ve read, Yakirí Rubí will pay a bail—and compensation to her attacker’s family—to walk out from prison. You can guess how awkward I feel about this “pay your attacker’s family” situation, and how the Mexican justice system has fallen so low to not make justice for women. You could even say that the lesson here lays on the idea that you must become a criminal to walk out triumphantly and even get some pay after death. We’ll never know what really happened (even though it has been discovered the girl was attacked as she claimed, indeed), but this isn’t the sole case in Mexico in where the people’s rights are violated by our very own justice system. And won’t be the last one at this pace. Mexico’s decaying at a fast rate on human rights and justice matters, and that’s taking us to a limbo in where oxygen will be null for survival.


But oh well. I guess her, being free through some way, it’s somehow a good note. Such a shame, though, that we, Mexicans, are all alone in this world. We cannot even depend on ourselves these days. And thus, this is how far a nation, with so much potential to give, has fallen due to corruption of the soul.


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La pareja

4 Mar


Minificciones publicadas en la revista de Edmundo Valadés "El cuento" (no es sitio oficial de la revista)

Hacía veinte años que la pareja, enamorada locamente, se miraba sin parpadeo alguno. Ellos no podían explicarse por qué el tiempo no los envejecía. Tampoco se explicaban el porqué nunca se habían dolido de los ojos. ¡Caramba! Es algo normal. Nos sucede a todos.
Aún no se daban cuenta que eran personajes de una foto.

Waldemar Noh Tzec
No 78, Julio-Agosto 1977
Tomo XII – Año XIII
Pág. 497

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