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Ayotzinapa and the Strength of the Rural Normal School Community

31 Oct

This is an interesting article about the 43 missing students from Mexico… Hope it can help people understand more what’s going on here!

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Ayotzinapa and the Strength of the Rural Normal School Community

Luis Hernández Navarro

La Jornada, 28th October, 2014

Translated by Sally Seward


One, two, three, four, the crowd calls out, not stopping until they reach number 43, and then demanding at the top of their voices: “Justice!”

“Felipe Arnulfo Rosa”, reads out a voice. “Present!” respond hundreds of angry voices. “Benjamín Ascencio Bautista”, it asks again. “Present!” answer the demonstrators. “Israel Caballero Sánchez”…

These are the names of the students from the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa who were disappeared by the municipal police of Iguala and Cocula. They are the same people whose faces appear by the thousands on the banners and pieces of canvas that students and citizens carry at all kinds of protests, demanding that the authorities return them alive.

What strange irony. After being separated from national public life for years and appearing from time to time in the media…

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Qatar’s First Anime & Manga Toy Store.

20 Oct

Aww! I am not sure why, but this article made me smile a lot =w=

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This month Doha News has a lovely story about a young Qatari couple Fatma Al-Jassim and Jassim Al-Mass who just opened Qatar’s first manga store, HobbyChan. Chantelle D’Mello writes how the growing local subculture of anime aficionados is fueled in large part by dubbed Japanese cartoons that used to air on local television networks.

For me, this is a piece of art,” said Al-Jassim, referring to her collection of anime figures. “We grew up watching anime in Arabic. Japan has always been part of our childhood. There’s just something magical in these creations and in that world.”

aaasAl-Jassim and Al-Mass //image © Chantelle D’Mello/ Doha News//

Speaking to Doha News, Al-Mass said the shop is the result of around a year of planning and hard work.

We were motivated to open the store after we visited Japan for our honeymoon (last October). From concept to branding to…

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Retratos de escritores hechos con una máquina de escribir

2 Oct

This post is in Spanish, but it is about a Brazilian artist who can draw novelists’ faces with just a typewriter! Cool!


El diseñador e ilustrador brasileño Álvaro Franca se ha dado a conocer en todo el mundo gracias a una técnica especial mediante la cual realiza retratos utilizando únicamente papel y una vieja máquina de escribir.

Muchos de sus trabajos muestran a algunos de los escritores más influyentes de los últimos tiempos.

Franca desarrolló este proyecto genial a través de una técnica para obtener imágenes en escala de grises con su máquina de escribir.

maquina de escribir2Así fue como este artista le dio vida a sus 5 escritores favoritos: José Saramago, Clarice Lispector, Jack Kerouac, J. D. Salingery, Charles H. Bukowski; los cuales no solo han dejado una gran huella a nivel literario, sino que también, al igual que Álvaro, utilizaron una máquina de escribir para crear.

El proyecto fue realizado entre el 2013 y 2014, durante su intercambio en la Escuela de Arte…

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