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Have you heard of Mario González?

16 Nov

Life isn’t fair many times. Especially if you’re fighting to make it fair. There are odds that, possibly, that fight will end up against you. Still, human beings struggle for their goals and tend to never give up, depending on the strength of their spirit. This was the case of Alberto Patishtán, of whom I’ve spoken many times in the past, and it seems it is now the case of a new political prisoner who was just recently incarcerated for no reason at all.

His name is Mario González.

I will summarize it because it’s a recent event and I don’t have lots of info outside of what I’ve readed and understood. It all began in October 2nd, in this very year. Or better said, a little before than that: he was a known activist that would protest in front of the UNAM (Mexico’s Autonomous National University) and would, naturally, anger the rector and the people receiving pressure from the student marches that erupted in the past year. Anyways, returning on the October day… He was, alongside other youngsters, on a bus, on its way around Mexico’s City downtown. Suddenly, a bunch of cops raided in, beat everybody up inside with the excuse of an “inspection”, and arrested many of the passengers, accusing them of “disrupting peace” as they were the usual “f***ing anarchist thrashers” from these days; the ones attending the recent raids and marches against the government.

Just like with Patishtán, they were held against their will for many hours, charged them, they had no right to have a lawyer and were forced to pay their bail to walk outside the prison despite commiting no crime.

Everything seems fine so far, right? I mean, they paid, they were just in prison for some hours, the judge let them go…

Well, yeah. Except that, minutes later, they decided they were “socially dangerous” and returned to prison in the very same morning they were about to walk outside. This time, though, they would have to pay sentence, despite having paid already the bail. Naturally, this enraged Mario and he’s now doing a hunger strike, protesting for his freedom.

He’s been this way since October, and he’s, according to this, getting worse everyday. His case reminded me of several Palestinian political prisoners, specifically Samer Issawi’s hunger strike, yet I believe that several of these men have survived their strike and even walked out in success. Mario Gonzalez might not run with the same luck. Why? Well, it’s really embarrassing to remind to the other people about the horribly corrupt State which is destroying my country, Mexico… They’re not really fond of the “anarchist thrashers”.

I couldn’t find English articles for all of you to read, but I hope that they can appear soon so you can understand a bit his case. I want to share this story so it can be readed by many people around the world and help pressure the terribly corrupt State from here which is slowly killing us all.

No more hunger strikers in the world!