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Have you heard of Carmen Aristegui?

14 Mar

Whoa! Two posts of the same category on a row! I’m on a roll, baby!

Errhem… Anyways, I don’t tend to do this, especially with such neglected category that is my HYHO posts archive, but this time it is a dire thing I must do, as I must inform the people around the world—preferably the ones who can understand English, that is—one big injustice that’s happening as of lately in Mexico.

Surely, some of you might have heard that Mexico’s not precisely the land of reporters and media. And you might have heard correctly. Mexico is more of a reporters’ cemetery than a paradise. The journalists in service of The State abound on radio and on TV, and they do receive more media coverage than the honest ones, which sadly tend to end in pits or hanging on our local bridges, luckily with their head still intact. Honest reporters in Mexico are scarce and most of them are now dead.

Most. But not all.


Who is Carmen Aristegui, you might ask. Well, she happens to be one of the very few Mexican voices who dare to raise her own to speak against the unfairness that’s slowly killing us in Mexico. She’s a well renowned reporter, with several accolades and the recognition not only by the sane side of the media, but of the Mexican people as well. In fact, when she appeared on the relatively unknown MVS Noticias, boom! Its ratings flew off the charts.

This is Aristegui’s power, and more than power, trust that we Mexicans have on her. It’s no mystery for some that she’s one of my role models and personal heroines.

You might say that I’m exaggerating, that she can’t be the all-around perfect reporter. Possibly; nobody’s perfect, that’s a fact, but so far she hasn’t made a mistake in her reports and hasn’t offended anybody unlike others. And also, if it weren’t because of her, we wouldn’t have discovered the PRI’s brothel management inside their very own party headquarters and the white house scandal, property of the First Lady herself. Thanks to her—and her team, of course, which includes Irving Huerta and Daniel Lizárraga, coordinators in the white house scandal investigation, because they’re the ones doing the dangerous stuff in the coverages, so they also do need an important mention,—we finally got the PRI cornered and with some questions to answer to the public. It was Aristegui the one who kept fighting despite the censorship that the previous big cheese in term, Felipe Calderón, imposed on her, and the one who’s still fighting to shed some light of truth on the Mexicans’ minds.

She’s been fighting for many years against the media censorship and the corruption. And she will keep fighting…despite the new censorship.


See, thing is that Aristegui was fired yesterday once she announced her partnership with MexicoLeaks, which is, like its inspirational parent, a Mexican WikiLeaks. It is a media partnership, organized by several reporting pages and groups that want to bring out public documents while protecting the identities of the denouncers. Technically, they won’t publish something that hasn’t been verified first, just like WikiLeaks, but it’s mostly for Mexican affairs, unlike the creation of Julian Assange.

Aristegui announced her affiliation, alongside that of her team, to this new portal and her involvement to the running of this project. She included MVS Noticias name too…but for not some shady reason, MVS didn’t want to be in the project. Why? Surely presidential pressure.

MVS Noticias not only denounced Aristegui for “affiliating” them to the project without their permission, but they also did fire her—her and her whole team—for, according to this, “abusing their trust”. Which, I am afraid, it’s Morse for “We were told by the big cheeses to end up with this madness”. In fact, and according to one rumor, Angélica Rivera, the Lady Cheese herself, even called Aristegui to tell her to stop this “child’s game”. How much truth it is, I am not sure. But we all Mexicans do know that her expulsion of MVS Noticias is not because of “trust” issues. Why? Well, the channel was with her the whole time; with the brothel scandal, with the white house scandal… Why the “trust” issue now? Obviously, this has “Government” written all over its face.

And indeed, this why most Mexicans are now pissed off.


Right after the news spread, people started rallying in front of the channel studios and started protesting in Aristegui’s defense. There’s now a popular hashtag going on—#EnDefensaDeAristegui—and people have showed their support for her everywhere, especially on the Internet, in where many people have started attacking MVS Noticias for this unusual move against her, and unfollowed several of its sites in protest to Aristegui’s dejection.

I am sharing the online petition to make her stay at MVS Noticias, as it now wants to reach 150,000 signatures to make it sound how much love Aristegui has received from the Mexicans.

If you’d like, I invite you to sign in favour of this honest and powerful woman not only for justice, but as a sign that maybe clarity’s finally bathing the people’s minds as of this Two Thousand century…

Who knows? Maybe the TV Media has some trustable microscopic places after all.


Thanks for reading!


Republic of Lost Brothers

22 Oct

It has happened. Finally, it’s the greatest slap somebody could ever have in their life as a citizen. They’ve approved in Mexico a 16% VAT tax increase which will hit stronger the frontier cities—Ciudad Juárez, Tijuana… All these cities in the border—that will not even help compete against the markets of American cities, like El Paso. The local totalitarist party, the PRI, has seriously whacked my belief of the universality of supreme intelligence.

You see, I tend to think that there are no evil persons in this world: just dumb people, or very blind people, or a combination of both in a highly disgusting dose; I see this process of thought as self-defense mechanism to avoid killing myself out of sheer despair and horror. But no, really, they’ve done: they do want me to see dead. They just proved that there’s a chance that there’s evil, if not a huge dose of dumbness in their hearts. They really approved this raise in the taxes without asking people and without thinking in the consequences. They just thought on the money and on their own benefit, never on the people. I hope the people that blindly voted for this party finally sees the light (let me confess you: most of the voters were actually paid to vote for this party), because this was the last drop for many people.

No, really. This was indeed the last drop.

Click on this link and let the news illuminate the idea… Uh huh… Yup… Mmmhmm… Done reading? Oh, OK good. Now, let’s go on, shall we?

In Mexico, we’re having several Facebook groups call for independence of several states as a massive protest—and escape—from these grizzly tax raises that will succumb our economy. Not only had the president promised not to raise the taxes: he did it to a terrible level. Now he is even asking for taxes on the pet food!



Pretend that, in the U.S.A., they suddenly thought it was a good idea to charge taxes for pet food too… Now imagine they also thought it was a good idea to charge taxes for windows… And now doors… And now, why not, babies. And yeah, air too. What the hell, let’s charge for even blinking!

And now people want to separate and create their own government and economy to flee from these people who certainly don’t care about us. I want to believe this is just as a form of protest, because if they really want separation… Well, now the story’s a bit different, ain’t it?


They sure don’t care about us, eh, Mike?

I am posting this not exactly to make a thorough analysis of the Mexican situation (by just informing you about this new separatist trend, you’ll have an idea of how we’re right now in here), but because I want to highlight this level of despair the humanity’s in right now. It’s terrible how—at what level—we have reached just to flee from this messed up system. Brothers are against brothers; our family is dividing. And all because there are uncaring people ruining our lives, running a whole land to their own taste, forgetting there are other human beings in here too. Never mind the fact they’re forgetting the poor people that suffered the storms in the south, and that they’re making their suffering a circus to gain rating in TV: they REALLY are betraying their own brethren and race in favour of the foreigners.

In here, people didn’t knew of a child prodigy called Paloma Noyola (probably you’ve heard of her: the next Steve Jobs or something) until an American magazine mentioned here (I heard of her far before this, though, but maybe it’s because I like to receive news from alternative media). They don’t make a change if the foreigners don’t press it. They don’t know you exist if the other people mention you randomly… We live in a society that changes her family for the others, and, sadly, just to fill our own inner voids, which tend to fill with resentment.


“Hi, thanks a bunch for finally realizing I am here, years later I was in the local news reporting my mathematics talents. I hope I can finally receive the support I need”.

We’re living a huge change in the world right now. We’re could be on the edge of World War III if we don’t swim carefully now. We gotta stay together as much as we can—we’re not in the best situation to let them divide us and make us forget each other—. We can’t forget our brothers neither inside our land, nor outside, like in Syria, in Africa, in Palestine…in Mexico.

We’re dividing ourselves out of sheer hatred and despair. Our society has twisted itself due to the corruption of our culture and the rotten culture the foreign powers want to infuse in our souls so we can’t grow. Hatred is devouring us. Hatred has become the fashion.

I was once chatting with a good friend of mine who’s studying to become a teacher, and we touched an interesting topic. She spoke to me how her students were rude towards each other—filled with hatred and with a trend of insulting each other, almost to the point of getting into real fights—and how their parents were no different either: they were rude, anything but respectful and clearly not aware of their actions. They would criticize my friend if she just told them that it was a nice idea to make the children clear the classroom (“You have janitors for that, dammit!”, they would say, she told me) and be quite cold towards the idea of their children getting along with the others. They wouldn’t accept they had problems, or that their kids had problems. No: it was the teacher or the other student. Their kid was perfect.


…Yeah, well… When I was his age, I was busier playing Pokemon. And again, I was still seen as a weird bug… Who the hell understands people.

When she told me all of this, I couldn’t help but want to cry, out of anger, out of despair… I am not sure. I just wanted to cry. Children cursing each other, and mothers blaming the teachers, and telling their children “Get away from that kid”…


…What happened to “Don’t be rude to that kid”? What happened to “Be a good boy”? What happened to the duty of oneself with the society? These mothers—many mothers around the world—have spoiled their children in such an awful way that they now blame the others and fail to see that they’re responsible too. They want the society to be nice to them, but won’t be nice to the society, as if they were kings and queens of Somethingland!


Let’s face it: you had to expect I was about to use this classic internet image for this!

Few people nowdays tell their children “be nice and love”! Now it’s “hit them back if they hit you”! What the hell! People, children are already draining their braincells by letting them play violent games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto (and no, I am not calling to boycott those games (I rather enjoy the former, to be honest, when I am with cousins), but to be careful to not let them fall into children’s hands), by letting them be rude to each other, by not making them think… We won’t help if we don’t say “Stop” and analyze our very own actions!

After hearing this story, I told this friend to make the parents these questions:

  1. Excuse me, sir/Mrs., do you think culture is important in a society…?
  2. If that’s so, do you think reading is an important activity…?
  3. If that’s so, why aren’t you doing it or telling your children to do it…?
  4. If you said you’re busy, can I talk to you about the thousands of kids who would die for a class in the other continent, or who are being shot even for fighting for those rights?

And I also wanted to tell her to make these questions, but I missed the chance:

  1. Excuse me, do you think love is important…?
  2. If that’s so, how are you teaching your child to love and be loved in the society…?
  3. If that’s so, how will “hit them back if they hit you” help? How does that promote love…?
  4. If that’s so, how do you expect your child to receive niceness if you won’t teach him/her to be nice?

And now I am expecting to see her again so I see if the questions worked. I do hope I helped, because I felt awful that she was having such a hard time with those people and I was far away to help her or even hug her to comfort such a hardworking person!

One of the problems nowdays is that people has been blinded by a terrible culture of hatred, in where it is ok to see violence in video games, TV, everyday life… It is bad to be a sensitive person: you’ll be called “pussy” otherwise.

Once More About Eyes: Sensitive Eye Skin Care Tips


And worse: people don’t want to help each other walk outside this sea of darkness. Everybody’s so focused in their own problems they no longer care about each other. Nobody wants to hold each other’s hands to return to the light. Nobody. We’re this messed up.

But I always remain with some faith in my heart. I’ve met people who’ve made this world wonderful and who do care for people. That’s why I don’t think this is becoming worse and worse. In fact, I think we’re becoming better than before, if we take into consideration that most of Americans nowdays are against the war in Syria and that most Mexicans today are finally arising against our totalitarian party.

But this separatist movement worries me not precisely because of the possibilities of it happening (I highly doubt there will be a new Republic of Baja California), but because of why it happened. It happened due to anger and protest against the corruption, indeed, but would it be correct to support this…? To support the separation of our brothers…? This is my dilemma: I am not sure if I should be glad this is happening. I am glad finally people are finally doing something against oppression, but the results could be dramatically scary… Especially if we remember that Texas also wanted to be a republic, and ended up with the United States. And if Baja California were to gain independence… Yeah, well.


Mmmhmm! Nothing tastes better than some good imperialism cake!

Besides, let’s see it this way: would separation solve the corruption inside the states? Would it really solve everything? I live in a highly corrupt state, in a very violent city. If we were to separate (we’re also having separation groups inside), would this solve the corruption problem? No. It would remain the same. The State is run by people, and humans are filled with flaws. A huge number of flaws.

We will remain the same unless we change and become as strong as our South American brothers, like the Brazilians, the Chileans…who are also fighting for their causes and in bigger numbers. And this won’t happen until we educate ourselves with some dose of love.

Young Black boy hugging young White boy.

So please, O Reader, meditate what this post spoke about. There are kids who curse each other and parents who endorse this attitude. They divide this society even more by telling them “that guy is wrong, hate him!” instead of “don’t hate, go and love”. Teach your child or your neighbor to love. You set the example. There are many ways, like always smiling, offering to help, informing them about the situation in the world and offering options to help… There are many things, really. I want to give my 5 cents too, but I hope I can be of help as much as many other people around the world.

I am not sure if other countries are also living these separatist movements, but I am pretty sure it is awkward for them too. I do understand where these guys are going and stuff, and in some way I support this manifestation, but the act itself of cutting this piece of land apart… Well, that’s quite a sensitive topic, isn’t it?

But you, O Reader, would support a movement that wants the separation of your State…? Do you think it would solve it? Or have you lived it too? Do you think it would be better to separate from a corrupt system to create a better one, or to work on the very root of the problem: the culture? I, personally, prefer to start working on the culture part, but I, at some degree as well, hope these sudden movements just can add some powerful pressure over the government that will make it rethink of its actions.

I have faith all of this can be solved soon, however. Now it’s just time to pray that everything solves soon. And let’s all add our cent by making a child love this world.

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