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Writing Place: The Daily Post Challenge

28 Jun

This is a post in response to the Daily Prompt Challenge from “The Daily Post”. This time, it is the Writing Place, which is about where do you produce your best writing material and why, and add a little description. I got quite some stories about the places I’ve been writing in, but I will make it brief. Don’t want to write too intimate stuff…

I certainly can’t write at home without dying of heat or remembering I gotta do other chores before I can finally relax!
The best place I can write without feeling invaded or awkward is my school library. Not only I have thousands of books in where I can get inspiration from and a rather silent environment, but I feel as if writing is a job I must attend to and take care as much as possible. Although it’s hard to find a good seat, the tables somehow transform everything into a more intimate place and give you enough space for your arms and books. The library transforms my hobby into a duty, and I tend to appreciate more my duty than my hobbies, heh.
I wish I could say home, where the heart belongs, is the best place to write for me. But it’s a tiny space, filled with stress and noise, and even with negative emotions. But I sure have the best seats in here!


Something About Buddhadasa

2 Jun

This article taught me in less than five seconds lots of history of Thailand and of Buddhism. A recommended read!


Dad married Tippy a few years after my conversion to Vajrayana Buddhist philosophy.  One of the many reasons I was happy about the marriage, was that there was another Buddhist in the family. Tippy was a transplant from northern Thailand, so her native religion was Theraveda Buddhism.


Living in rural Nebraska allows very few, if any, opportunities for regular one to one discussions about any sort of Buddhism.  Even though we approached the Buddha’s teachings from different schools of discipline, Tippy and I found much common ground and were able to support or give refuge to one another.

Although she was brought up as a Thai Theravedan, Tippy tempered her philosophy with the wisdom of Buddhadasa Bikkhu. She was a very devout Buddhist who understood early on the value of the practice and teachings of her native philosophy.  On the other hand, Tippy was put off by the corrupt nature…

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